I am a patient of Gina Pastore. When I came to Gina I was feeling tired and my joints hurt especially my hips. I work in construction and my job is very demanding and I love to workout and I was having a hard time working out and working because my joints hurt so much. It’s now been 5 weeks on the program that Gina set me up on and I can tell you that all my joint pain is gone and I feel so much more energy, and my workouts are much more enjoyable and my work is much easier feeling on my body. I highly recommend Gina as your hormone specialist as she knows how to listen and create a program that works for you.

Sergio M.

I first went to see Gina because I wasn’t feeling like myself. I had already consulted with my doctor who ran conventional tests and told me that I was “just getting older.” I didn’t make sense to me that in my 40’s I should feel so fatigue. As a wife, mother of four and a business owner, I knew I had to try something else. I had to find answers. After  consulting with Gina I knew she understood exactly how I was feeling. She ran some tests and we developed a wellness plan that was designed specifically for me. The results have been life changing. I feel like myself again!

Rhonda T.

My husband and I have been going to Gina for 5 years for both weight control, hormone replacement and anti-aging. We have been impressed with her knowledge and the professionalism that Gina has always shown towards us and in the results that we have experienced. Gina has been instrumental in detecting medical issues that need attention. We share our information with our primary care physician and he seems appreciative and happy with the effects in the improvements in our health. We wholeheartedly recommend Gina and the service that she provides.

Kathy S.

Gina is wonderful! The best of the best! I have been seeing her for 10 years and I feel better than ever and sex is better. Life is great! I am 71 and feel 50. I am keeping my weight down and skin healthy thank you Gina.

Patsy D.

 I had the good fortune to work with Gina Pastore.  Working in the medical spa industry for many years gave me the “inside” view of the Anti Aging industry. But first a little background.   I was always fairly active physically and truly try to have a positive outlook on life.  But as I began to age I was tired, my Aunt Jean told me my hair was getting thin,  I went up 2 pants sizes and my sex drive was pretty much gone.  I decided it was time for me to get some help. After all the people I worked with I choose Gina.  This gal knows her stuff.  Comprehensive understandable bloodwork and just  the right bio balancing. Life is great again thanks to Gina Pastore. Weight is down, body fat down, hair amazingly grew back and my sex drive well…

Jim Y.

At 48, I was experiencing all the signs and symptoms of entering menopause and I was struggling with “traditional therapy” that my OBGYN prescribed as “the standard”. I did my research and found Gina. When I first talked with Gina I expressed my frustration and concerns over my current treatment and health, specifically debilitating hot flashes, six months of sleepless nights, migraines, nausea and dizziness. As an avid runner and athlete it had also become challenging to manage my weight, energy levels and resilience.
Gina scheduled me for extensive blood work (no other doctor had EVER ordered this thorough blood screen and I think it should be a best practice standard!). Upon reviewing the results and the driving factors of my issues, together we created the foundation of my treatment. Gina recommended Bioidentical HRT. After a few short weeks, I thrived on the program and continue to see the benefits on a daily basis! The therapy program has provided me with complete relief from my symptoms and restored my energy levels and vitality. This treatment plan has taken 10 years off my life, and prevented aspects of my health that if left untreated, would have manifested into irreversible conditions.
A years later and “out of the woods” on menopausal concerns, I now work with Gina on sustaining optimize wellness. Recently, we went through a DNA Nutrition profile which highlights critical components of my genetics that drive (or derail) my goals. The DNA Nutrition test has helped me understand how my body responds to a variety of programs and how my genetics impact digestion, vitamin absorption, muscle mass, and exercise responsiveness. The program also provides a comprehensive nutrition program that I can easily follow, along with lifestyle that will make the most positive impact on my longevity.

Working with Gina is life changing!

Laura L.

I have started with gena when my weight was 240 and today I am 180 I had stopped the diet with gena last year in June and almost a year later I had kept my weight off . She was the only one that helped me to be able to lose weight . I spent so much money on other programs and took phentermine but nothing worked .with gena I lost weight and kept the weight off without gaining it back and without having to stop the food i love. I just learned portions and how food affects my body and choosing wisely. Gena is the best you will find and she truly cares about her patients and goes beyond the extra mile to help them.

Madouna F.