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Sep 20 2022

Three Glands and How They Interact With Stress (Adrenal, Thyroid, Pancreas)

The Endocrine System - Thyroid Adrenal Pancreas Axis Did you know that three of your hormone-producing glands control and respond to stress and anxiety? These glands produce and release hormones as part of your body's response to stress. And while that is a normal response and function, chronic stress can be harmful. Let's learn more about these glands and how they interact with stress. What is Stress? First of all, let's discuss what we mean by stress. We are all under stress and spend a lot of time these days discussing how to...

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Mar 20 2022

Importance of Estrogen in Men and Why it Matters

Why Estrogen Matters to Men Estrogen is primarily considered a female hormone responsible for developing various body parts, systems, and functions. However, it is present in all genders and coupled with testosterone; estrogen plays an important role in sexual growth. Like other hormones, maintaining a normal balance is important as an imbalance in estrogen can lead to various health issues.An increase in estrogen levels in men decreases testosterone levels. Therefore, most health conditions resulting from imbalanced estrogen levels are characterized by imbalanced testosterone levels. What are Normal Estrogen Levels for Men? Estrogen occurs...

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