Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy for men and women in Palm Harbor Florida Women going through menopause or experiencing hot flashes can benefit from hormone replacement therapy as can men going through andropause. BHRT
Mar 08 2020

Are All Carbs and Sugars Bad For You?

Carbs and Sugars: Are they the same? Short answer: Yes. Now that answer alone doesn't cover the broad scope and science of how carbohydrates and sugars are one and the same. Before we parse the details between the two, let's first look at macronutrients. Firstly, macronutrients are known as the pillars of what our body requires to function healthily and efficiently. Three macronutrients comprise the foods we eat on a day-to-day basis: proteins, carbs, and fats. For the sake of sticking to the question, we'll only be looking at the importance and...

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Mar 06 2020

The Impact of Obesity on Hormone Production and Sexual Health

Do Hormones Play a Role in Weight Gain? What is the Impact of Obesity on Hormone Production?  Society has veered from the past towards a reality of instant-gratification and over-consumption within modern times. From the abundance of fast-food restaurants, courier services that transport fast-food to the comforts of our homes, ever-increasing portion sizes, and the normalization of sedentary activities like watching tv or surfing the web, it becomes clearer how our society, and the world at large, have begun to normalize the ever-mounting crisis of obesity.   It’s a matter of fact that...

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Feb 17 2020

Are Women’s Testosterone Levels Important?

How Women's Testosterone Levels can have Revitalizing Effects Day and night. Young or old. Testosterone versus estrogen… At face value, these comparisons may feel inherently oppositional to each other. As much as these examples feel like natural opposites, and as easy as it is to think of these comparisons as existing counter to each other, the fact remains that these aren't hard-coded binary absolutes. It may feel natural to hold these comparisons in one hand against the other to highlight their differences, but then we lose sight of their similarities. Women's...

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Feb 15 2020

Can the Keto Diet Affect Our Hormones?

How the Keto Diet Can Be Harmful to Natural Hormone Production   The keto diet has risen in popularity in our current day and age as both men and women have embraced this fad diet as a solution to their weight loss goals. This specific diet heralds weight loss by altering the consumption and quantity of the macro-nutrient, carbohydrates. There are three primary macronutrients that have a variety of purposes within our bodies: fats, carbs, and proteins. Each has unique properties and effects on the healthy functioning of our biology. Within the...

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Feb 10 2020

Why You Should Consider Estrogen Therapy

Considering Estrogen Therapy? Here are several reasons you should: Our bodies are complex systems of biochemical processes that govern how we live, how we look, and how we feel. In our youth, hormones are triggered, released, or stifled as part of the many biochemical processes that play a critical role in our development from adolescence into adulthood. It should be noted that puberty isn’t the only instance within our lives where dramatic physiological changes happen; these dramatic changes occur throughout our lifetime as we continue to grow older. As our biological...

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Jan 13 2020

What Is Male Hypogonadism?

Testosterone Deficiency, also known as Male Hypogonadism Male hypogonadism medically describes a testosterone deficiency in men resulting from the failure of their testes to produce adequate levels of testosterone, sperm, or both. The ramifications of such a condition have resounding impacts on the development of young prepubescent boys as well as towards the overall health and wellness of adult men. To better understand how the harmful symptoms of hypogonadism arise, the physiological pathway of testosterone production should illuminate how testosterone is delivered, regulated, and how the effects of disease or trauma...

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Jan 06 2020

Can MIC Injections Work For Weight Loss?

How Does the MIC Injection Help with Weight Loss? Losing weight is a difficult task if you are not equipped with the right tools, and most people are not sure where to begin. Most start their weight-loss journey with a diet and exercise, and that may work for a short amount of time unless you hit a plateau. Fat-burning injections are used as an aid in weight loss when diets and exercise are no longer effective, and when other options like bariatric weight-loss surgeries might not be viable. The addition of...

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Dec 26 2019

Menopause Vs Perimenopause

The differences between perimenopause and menopause Perimenopause, or menopause-transition, and menopause are two different stages that signify the end of menstruation and egg proliferation in a woman’s life. Symptoms and treatments can be very similar. The main difference between the two is the timeline. When does Perimenopause/Menopause Begin and End? Perimenopause can begin several years before menopause takes place when the ovaries are slowly creating less estrogen. Perimenopause can start anywhere from early-to-mid 40s, or even late 30s, and can last for an average of 4 years, but the timeline could vary for...

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Dec 20 2019

Understanding Bio Identical Hormones

What are Bio-Identical Hormones? Throughout our body, biochemical reactions are triggered, and our cells respond accordingly to complete their respective tasks such as metabolism, growth, cognition, and neural motor functions, to name a few. The signaling that occurs between cells stems from our extensive systems of glands; these glands produce hormones that provide the instructions for how cells are to operate. Hormones are not just a part of your reproductive system; they can influence the function of the immune system and regulate processes such as hunger and blood pressure. How do they...

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intermittent fasting
Dec 08 2019

Understanding Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (commonly referred to as "IF") is a way of regulating eating. This regulation is accomplished by introducing periods of reprieve from food. These periods of fasting are usually designated as daily or weekly cycles depending on the selected program. Perhaps while not immediately apparent as to why one would sustain from eating at regular intervals, there are plenty of benefits and advantages afforded to those who fast. Intermittent fasting is a tool for weight control; however, it shouldn't be thought of as a diet since following IF puts no...

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