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signs of unhealthy testosterone levels in women
Jul 16 2023

Signs of Unhealthy Testosterone Levels in Women

Unhealthy Testosterone Levels in Women: Causes and Symptoms  It might surprise you to learn that women can have unhealthy testosterone levels. Testosterone is generally thought of as a male hormone, but women need testosterone too, and it's an important hormone for women’s health. Women just have lower levels than males. Let’s learn more about testosterone and the role it plays for women. Why Do Women Need Testosterone? Testosterone is a type of androgen or sex hormone. Hormones are important chemical messengers in your body that tell your body how to complete certain functions....

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Feb 10 2020

Why You Should Consider Estrogen Therapy

Considering Estrogen Therapy? Here are several reasons you should: Our bodies are complex systems of biochemical processes that govern how we live, how we look, and how we feel. In our youth, hormones are triggered, released, or stifled as part of the many biochemical processes that play a critical role in our development from adolescence into adulthood. It should be noted that puberty isn’t the only instance within our lives where dramatic physiological changes happen; these dramatic changes occur throughout our lifetime as we continue to grow older. As our biological...

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Jan 13 2020

What Is Male Hypogonadism?

Testosterone Deficiency, also known as Male Hypogonadism Male hypogonadism medically describes a testosterone deficiency in men resulting from the failure of their testes to produce adequate levels of testosterone, sperm, or both. The ramifications of such a condition have resounding impacts on the development of young prepubescent boys as well as towards the overall health and wellness of adult men. To better understand how the harmful symptoms of hypogonadism arise, the physiological pathway of testosterone production should illuminate how testosterone is delivered, regulated, and how the effects of disease or trauma...

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