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HCG Frequently Asked Questions

hcg faqs for losing weight effectively
Feb 27 2023

HCG Frequently Asked Questions


Obesity and weight gain are increasingly becoming a concern in modern society. In response to this, countless diet plans on the market claim to be perfect for those looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, without proven results, most people find it difficult to identify effective plans from scams with passing fads.

Besides exercise, you should consider the HCG diet if you are searching for a safe and effective weight loss diet to fast-track your weight loss results. Below are a few common questions most people have about the HCG diet.

What is the HCG diet?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a natural hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy. HCG has important functions during pregnancy. It protects the growing fetus and provides energy during the first months of pregnancy. HCG achieves this by stimulating the breakdown of stored fat in the mother’s body.

While this hormone occurs naturally in pregnant women, it can be supplied to male and female dieters through injections. However, supplemental HCG is given at lower doses than those released naturally during pregnancy.

How Does HCG Diet Work?

HCG diet combines the fat-burning benefits of HCG hormone with the benefits of a low-calorie diet. Calorie restriction is a proven weight loss strategy for those who don’t want to lose their muscle mass. Patients on HCG diets receive daily doses of HCG through injections while restricting their caloric intake.

HCG in the body burns between 1000 to 1750 calories daily from stored body fat. This hormone supplement induces an anabolic state in the body, encouraging fat-burning and muscle-sparing. HCG initiates the conversion of unwanted fats into energy instead of breaking down muscle.

What are the Benefits of Dieting with HCG?

The benefits of dieting with HCG go beyond weight loss. Those who follow this program also benefit in the following ways.

  • Stabilized metabolism
  • Better muscle mass retention
  • Slim upper arms, neck, abdomen, hips, and buttocks
  • Burns unwanted body fat

Patients who adopt a healthy diet and active lifestyle enjoy the results of the HCG program longer. Most patients find it easier to maintain their weight after the HCG diet because of stabilized metabolism.

Who Should Consider the HCG Diet for Weight Loss?

Both men and women can use the HCG diet for weight loss. However, you should consult your healthcare provider before starting this weight loss regimen. Pregnant and nursing women are not good candidates for HCG dieting. HCG diet only burns excess stored fat. Therefore, thin patients won’t notice significant changes to their bodies.

How Much Weight Can HCG Diet Shed?

Most patients who follow a strict diet and exercise per HCG guidelines shed 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound daily. Patients lose at least one pound on average after the initial loading phase. However, you can lose more weight by taking more vegetables into your diet. You should also eat more high-fiber foods to increase satiety and drink lots of water.

What Should You Eat on HCG Program?

Healthy eating and portion control are crucial to the success of the HCG diet for weight loss. You can eat the following foods.

  • Lean proteins
  • Low glycemic fruits

Is HCG Safe for Men?

While HCG hormone is produced by females naturally, it has no side effects on men. Surprisingly, medically-prescribed HCG can potentially increase libido and energy levels. Both men and women experience the same results after the HCG diet.

Can I Do the HCG Program More than Once?

Patients can benefit from more than one HCG cycle, depending on their weight loss goals. Typically, you should take HCG once daily for at least 21 days. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs, you can achieve these goals with a 6-week HCG program. However, if your target is to lose more than 40 lbs, you should use the HCG diet for up to 12 weeks.

How to start an HCG diet

Switching to the HCG diet provides an easy way of losing weight without spending much time working out. Most patients who have used this diet also report increased stamina and better quality of life. If you think the HCG diet may be a good fit for you, consult with a hormone or weight loss specialist to learn more about the benefits. They will guide you on the basics of using the HCG diet for weight loss. Contact the hormone specialists at Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine today!