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Medical Grade Supplements Versus OTC

Jun 23 2019

Medical Grade Supplements Versus OTC

What is the difference between Medical Grade Supplements and Over the Counter (OTC)?

If you are currently purchasing supplements and vitamins at your neighborhood pharmacy, you may want to look into how over the counter (OTC) supplements differ from medical grade supplements. Perhaps you were not aware that medical grade supplements even existed. Pharmaceutical grade supplements vs. OTC supplements can make a significant difference in your health in a variety of ways. Here is how they differ:

Regulation of Supplements

The FDA does not regulate OTC supplements in the United States. It has been found that many OTC supplements contain a large number of fillers and binders in their capsules. Pharmaceutical grade supplements must include a minimum of 99% of the active ingredients. It is possible for supplements to contain cheap, unhealthy, filler ingredients, and often fewer amounts of the products reported in the ingredient list. Pharmaceutical grade supplements do not include any binders, fillers, or any unknown ingredients. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are tested for: metal, bacteria, and any other hazardous toxins; which is not the case with store-bought, over the counter supplements.

Absorption of Medical Grade Supplements

Store-bought supplements do not have a requirement when it comes to how your body absorbs them. OTC vitamins may or may not dissolve in your body’s digestive tract. Pharmaceutical grade supplements, however, are known to be absorbed. In addition, they also must dissolve and be absorbed within 45 minutes of being consumed, or they don’t make the cut. The ratios of active ingredients are essential to their efficacy and benefits.

Supplements That are Right for Your Body

Because medical-grade supplements can be tailored to your needs based on micro-nutrient testing and the proper bloodwork, you get the precise dosage and concentration you need for your body. OTC supplements provide you with a dosage based on the recommended daily allowance for the general public. Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements can support your body’s natural balance.
If you are looking for products that can be absorbed, have safe, tested ingredients, do not contain any toxic fillers, and replace your body’s deficiencies, then pharmaceutical-grade supplements are the way to go. So what is your daily intake and recommended amount? Taking a daily vitamin or recommendation based on an advertisement you’ve seen might not be right or even healthy for you. Evaluating blood levels can determine your body’s deficiencies. At Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine, we can design a dietary supplement program to restore your body to its healthiest condition, and help you achieve optimal nutrition and health goals.