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Jan 06 2020

Can MIC Injections Work For Weight Loss?

How Do MIC Injections Work For Weight Loss? Losing weight is a difficult task if you are not equipped with the right tools, and most people are not sure where to begin. Most start their weight-loss journey with a diet and exercise, and that may work for a short amount of time unless you hit a plateau. Fat-burning injections are used as an aid in weight loss when diets and exercise are no longer effective, and when other options like bariatric weight-loss surgeries might not be viable. The addition of fat-burning...

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Jun 23 2019

Medical Grade Supplements Versus OTC

What is the difference between Medical Grade Supplements and Over the Counter (OTC)? If you are currently purchasing supplements and vitamins at your neighborhood pharmacy, you may want to look into how over the counter (OTC) supplements differ from medical grade supplements. Perhaps you were not aware that medical grade supplements even existed. Pharmaceutical grade supplements vs. OTC supplements can make a significant difference in your health in a variety of ways. Here is how they differ: Regulation of Supplements The FDA does not regulate OTC supplements in the United States. It has...

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May 24 2019

What Can Vitamin Injections Do For You

Vitamin Injections and Their Anti-Aging Benefits If you’re feeling run down, depressed and just overall tired-there may be a new solution for you, and here’s the good news! It doesn’t involve pills, surgery or sweating. Famous names such as the Kardashians, Hilton, and many other beauty gurus have hopped on the trend of vitamin injections, claiming it boosts energy, increases metabolism, and makes your skin glow. It seems like a miracle solution, which makes some fans question whether it’s just a placebo effect or these results are the real deal. Let’s...

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