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What Can Vitamin Injections Do For You

May 24 2019

What Can Vitamin Injections Do For You

Vitamin Injections and Their Anti-Aging Benefits

If you’re feeling run down, depressed and just overall tired-there may be a new solution for you, and here’s the good news! It doesn’t involve pills, surgery or sweating. Famous names such as the Kardashians, Hilton, and many other beauty gurus have hopped on the trend of vitamin injections, claiming it boosts energy, increases metabolism, and makes your skin glow. It seems like a miracle solution, which makes some fans question whether it’s just a placebo effect or these results are the real deal. Let’s share some frequently asked questions and determine just how and if these miracle injections actually work.

Deficiencies could be caused by poor absorption

Studies have shown that 90% of people are deficient in at least one nutrient. The most commonly found deficiencies are lack of vitamin B12, C, E, D, and A. Many people ask the question “Why take an injection, when you can orally consume vitamin pills?” and the answer is injectable vitamins are easier for our bodies to absorb than orally consuming the nutrients. Stomach acid and bile affect digestion and absorption because the food and vitamins we consume are broken up influencing how much of the vitamin is actually absorbed.

Are Vitamin Injections Effective?

Due to the fact that it takes longer for vitamins to absorb through our bodies when taken orally, a higher dose may be necessary. To receive optimal absorbance of the nutrients depends on many factors; including what time a day you take them, whether you take them with a meal or not, what dosage you take and how fast your metabolism is. As opposed to having the vitamins injected straight into your bloodstream, where there are no factors that will affect its efficiency in being absorbed into your body. When vitamins are injected, they bypass the digestive tract, which is what makes them so efficient.

Do You Need Vitamin Injections?

Despite consuming a well-balanced diet, the soil is not what it was 50 years ago and therefore additional supplementation is needed for most individuals. Vitamin injections have been found to help toxins, reducing mineral deficiencies and assisting with the elimination of many symptoms of illness. A simple blood test can reveal which vitamins you are deficient in and which supplemental shots you should take.

Are the Injections Safe?

There are a few reasons to be cautious regarding vitamin injections. Minor concerns such as bruising or inflammation at the injection site can occur. In some cases, vitamins can be taken intravenously where they can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Proper screening and administration by a properly trained professional will minimize your discomfort and risks.

The next time you consider your slowing metabolism or weight gain, and sluggish rundown feeling- you may want to think about possible deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients such as B12 and B Complex. Malabsorption of these vitamins may be causing it. For those suffering from Crohn’s disease, celiac or other gastrointestinal diseases could be at a higher risk for B12 deficiencies due to your body’s inability to secrete stomach acids necessary to absorb vitamins and nutrients properly. Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine provides vitamin and fat burning injections administered by board-certified anti-aging specialist Gina Pastore, ARNP-BC, MSN, ABAAHP Give us a call today and we can help you evaluate whether or not vitamin injections are right for you.