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Jun 23 2019

Medical Grade Supplements Versus OTC

What is the difference between Medical Grade Supplements and Over the Counter (OTC)? If you are currently purchasing supplements and vitamins at your neighborhood pharmacy, you may want to look into how over the counter (OTC) supplements differ from medical grade supplements. Perhaps you were not aware that medical grade supplements even existed. Pharmaceutical grade supplements vs. OTC supplements can make a significant difference in your health in a variety of ways. Here is how they differ: Regulation of Supplements The FDA does not regulate OTC supplements in the United States. It has...

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Jun 15 2019

6 Benefits of Collagen Supplements

What Can Collagen Supplements Do For You? It’s pretty difficult to go on social media without seeing an ad or mention of collagen. Everyone from doctors to bloggers rave about collagen and all of its benefits. Since collagen has been receiving so much attention over the last few years, it’s only logical for you to be a bit skeptical. What is collagen? Why is everyone urging their friends and family to add it into their daily routine? Can collagen supplements help with weight loss? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the...

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