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Dec 20 2019

Understanding Bio Identical Hormones

What are Bio-Identical Hormones? Throughout our body, biochemical reactions are triggered, and our cells respond accordingly to complete their respective tasks such as metabolism, growth, cognition, and neural motor functions, to name a few. The signaling that occurs between cells stems from our extensive systems of glands; these glands produce hormones that provide the instructions for how cells are to operate. Hormones are not just a part of your reproductive system; they can influence the function of the immune system and regulate processes such as hunger and blood pressure. How do they...

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Nov 11 2019

Youthful Skin with Easy Anti-Aging Tricks

Youthful Skin Secrets You May Never Have Heard of Radiant, youthful skin is what everyone strives to achieve. It is no wonder the beauty industry is valued at over 300 billion dollars. The skincare industry is booming. There is a gel or cleanser or face mask promising the fountain of youth in every advertisement. But how much of that can you believe? Will some topical application erase years of stress or age? What can be done to achieve that youthful skin once more? Here are 6 easy anti-aging tricks, and how...

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Oct 04 2019

Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C

8 Significant Benefits of Vitamin C For Your Body Vitamin C is an essential nutrient along with 12 other vitamins crucial for bodily functions. Vitamin C serves an integral role in the growth, development, and repair of bodily tissue. People require Vitamin C in their lives. Not solely because it's a necessity for healthy functioning bodies but because there are several advantages and benefits afforded to one's health by consuming this micronutrient. Surprisingly, we cannot naturally create Vitamin C by ourselves and so must rely on dietary intake and supplements to...

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