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Understanding Bio Identical Hormones

Dec 20 2019

Understanding Bio Identical Hormones

What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Throughout our body, biochemical reactions are triggered, and our cells respond accordingly to complete their respective tasks such as metabolism, growth, cognition, and neural motor functions, to name a few. The signaling that occurs between cells stems from our extensive systems of glands; these glands produce hormones that provide the instructions for how cells are to operate. Hormones are not just a part of your reproductive system; they can influence the function of the immune system and regulate processes such as hunger and blood pressure.

How do they compare?

While hormones are naturally produced within our bodies, bioidentical hormones can be synthesized and subsequently administered to those whose bodies have low or out of balanced hormone levels. Regardless of its human-made nature, bioidentical hormones are very much identical to our naturally occurring hormones. Between the two, they share the same molecular structure — this is important as the composition of hormones dictates the amount distributed throughout the body and the receptors that the hormones can bind to. Thus, any slight variation in the number of proteins or peptides comprising the hormone’s make-up completely alters hormone function.

One of the great dogmas in the study of biology is the saying, “structure determines function,” so through careful manufacturing, bioidentical hormones can emulate many essential hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone because they’re designed so.

Why Use Bio-identical Hormones in HRT?

What makes bioidentical hormones promising as an effective treatment for hormone imbalances? As we age or are affected by various issues, sometimes the body has a hard time maintaining its production of hormones. This decrease in hormone levels consequently can manifest in a variety of symptoms contingent on which hormone is affected. By recognizing the symptoms, the proper bioidentical hormone can be administered in a variety of different ways to help regulate low hormone levels and alleviate symptoms, much like your own body would produce naturally. An expert can determine whether bioidentical hormone therapy should be implemented through creams, gels, shots, implanted pellets, pills, or patches. The wide variety of options allows for treatments to be curated with the patient’s needs in mind.

Bio identical Hormones New Research

The study of hormone therapy has come a long way since its conception in the 20th century. And just as with time comes advancements and improvements, so have hormone therapies. Women, in particular, as they reach menopause, can find themselves struggling with changes to their bodies that contribute to significant discomfort or inconvenience. Their available levels of estrogen and progesterone are reduced, and symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and fatigue arise, causing many women to seek treatments. The rise of bioidentical hormones originated from the worries and concerns of both menopausal patients and their doctors looking to avoid the side effects of synthetic hormone therapy treatments. Concerns of side effects such as blood clotting, stroke, and breast cancer pushed the field of hormone therapy to look for safer alternatives. Furthermore, the idea of taking drugs compelled researchers to look for more natural hormone therapies.

As a result, we now have bioidentical hormones with minimal side effects since these hormones are derived from natural sources and are designed exactly like our endogenously produced hormones. Reported side effects of bioidentical hormone therapies are usually the result of the body needing time to adjust to the new hormone levels.

Despite the relative safety of these therapies, it is always paramount to seek out a trusted expert that specializes in this therapy. With Vitality Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, it is our mission to provide only the safest and most natural treatments to treat ailments and hormone-related symptoms. The knowledge and expertise provided by us will ensure you’re in safe hands from start to finish.