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Hormone Pellet Therapy Benefits

Jul 22 2019

Hormone Pellet Therapy Benefits

Benefits of Hormone Pellets in Palm Harbor Florida

While there are many benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, otherwise known as BHRT, Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine offers enhanced practice in the form of Hormone Pellet Therapy. Pellet therapy is not a new concept in the world of medicine but has recently been approved by the FDA in the last decade. Pellet therapy can be an effective way to overcome hormone deficiencies and imbalances at any age. The key benefit of pellet therapy is how it is administered compared to traditional hormone therapy applications.

No Creams or Weekly Injections

Insertion of the hormone pellet is a simple, in-office procedure which is said to be less painful than taking blood and no stitches are necessary. Because of the sustained release, hormones are disbursed over time, making a daily application or weekly injection unnecessary.

Quicker Delivery Method

Along with being easier to administer and less messy, hormone pellet therapy is absorbed more quickly and distributed efficiently, potentially resulting in more immediate results. Each patient’s response varies; however, it is typically highly effective in achieving a therapeutic state quicker. You can begin to feel relief within 7-10 days of insertion.

Nearly No Down Time with hormone pellet therapy

The individual pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and inserted with local anesthetics and a small incision. With the exception of vigorous exercise, you can return to your daily activity upon leaving our office. Tape or sterile strips are applied over the insertion, and it heals like any normal wound.

Hormone pellet therapy benefits can last between 3-6 months, depending on your gender, deficiencies, and absorption rate. Pellets are typically reinserted 2-4 times per year for maximum hormone benefits. The pellets are bio identical hormones and are naturally processed through your body, and entirely absorbed with nothing to remove after insertion. Hormone therapy with the use of creams or injections can create a roller-coaster effect if the hormones are not released in consistent amounts throughout the day; whereas pellet therapy provides a slow continuous release into the bloodstream. If you are considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine today to discuss your options.