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Jan 31 2022

Do Artificial Sweeteners Influence Hormones and Health?

Hormonal Responses to Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Soda Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes. These sweeteners are found in various food and beverages, including diet soda, baked goods, and processed foods. Artificial sweeteners are often conveniently packaged to be added to food and drinks. Food and drinks containing artificial sweeteners may be marked “sugar-free” or “diet.” Artificial sweeteners gained favor as a way to decrease calorie intake by eliminating sugar in foods. We thought reducing calories in things like soda would help people lose weight.  Additionally, artificial sweeteners don’t contribute to tooth...

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Jul 17 2021

Can You Stop Taking Testosterone?

The Effects of Stopping Testosterone Replacement Therapy When beginning testosterone replacement therapy, the question of how long you'll need to continue the treatment often comes up. The short answer is that once testosterone replacement therapy is started, it is a treatment that will need to be continued long term. If you stop treatment, testosterone levels will fall, and you'll begin to experience the symptoms you had before treatment. Let's explore in more detail the importance of continuing testosterone replacement therapy and the effects you may experience if you stop. Why Would You Need...

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