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The Best Body Cleanse and Detox Diets

Aug 05 2020

The Best Body Cleanse and Detox Diets

The Best Body Cleanse for Weight Loss

 If weight loss was as simple as “calories in versus calories out” then we’d be observing the wild success of fad diets as seen on tv and online; however, fad diet plans, extreme diets, and hours of exercise aren’t by any means a guarantee in helping you tackle stubborn fat. As we age, a crucial biological system of ours begins to work less effectively — our metabolism.

Our metabolic system not only converts our food into energy for expenditure and breaks down food into essential macromolecules like proteins and carbs. It also helps expel our body of nitrogenous waste. These types of waste are a byproduct of protein creation (a critical building block for muscular repair and strength) and manifest as ammonia, creatinine, urea, and uric acid. Having an excess of this type of waste is detrimental to our health. It demonstrates the adverse effects these byproducts can have on our physiology and the principle that harmful substances — whether it be accrued toxins, chemicals, or waste from the products and foods we eat — hinder our bodies from performing at optimal performance.

By operating at reduced physiological performance, we see various symptoms arise that further complicate an already slowed and aged metabolic system: fatigue, and lethargy. Additionally, built-up levels of toxins cause havoc on hormone production resulting in complications to optimal hormonal levels. You may not suspect yourself as being riddled with viruses, but if you’re finding that weight loss seems impossible, no matter the effort, it may be because your body is fighting against you with your hormones. Outlined below is how the best body cleanse works and why it maybe your best option to lose weight.

Importance of Hormones Regarding Our Digestive System

Hormones are singularly some of the most fascinating and important aspects of our biology. These infinitesimally small chemical messengers are produced from various glands throughout the body. From the glands, these chemicals are transported through the bloodstream to designated tissues and organs. Carried within the hormones are signals or instructions for the tissue. A hormone may stimulate the release of adrenaline in the adrenal gland in a “fight-or-flight” or even the pituitary gland, which signals other glands to secrete their hormones.

In our digestive system, we have essential hormones like leptin, ghrelin, and insulin that help regulate appetite. Leptin, produced from fat cells, decreases appetite while ghrelin performs the inverse. In obese individuals, we begin to see over and underproduction of these appetite hormones as a result of overactive fat cells.

Conversely, built-up toxins will also have detrimental effects similar to obesity. High toxin levels could be understood as “throwing a wrench in the gears”. At high levels, the toxins interrupt the body as a “fine-tuned machine” by skewing hormone production and signaling.

How Toxins Impact Hormone Production

detox-body-cleanse-weight-lossToxins directly disrupt the endocrine system, a largely important biological system of glands that secrete and regulate hormones involved in metabolism, maturation, sleep, mood, sexual function, etc. Many chemicals, natural and human-made, mimic natural hormones that interfere with other hormones that the endocrine system circulates in the body. These chemicals, or toxins, are referred to as endocrine disruptors and are found in many everyday products we use: detergents, cosmetics, pesticides, plastic bottles and other containers, toys, and even the food we eat.

As hormonal imbalances begin to emerge once enough toxin-build up has accumulated, various internal organ systems become impacted. These disruptors have cascading effects on development, reproduction, metabolism, and immune, to name a few. These pseudo-hormones or toxins simultaneously can increase or decrease the production of hormones, signal the wrong messages, and compete for essential nutrients that deprive other cells of sustenance.

Since the many toxins are fat-soluble, they’re easily able to store themselves within our fat cells. These fat-soluble toxins attach to the outer membranes of cells and overstimulate leptin production. However, this over-production fries out the receptors, which dampens the message and causes future difficulties as long as the toxins remain built-up. Issues arise when our bodies are incapable of detoxing this stored cache of toxins.

How Body Cleansing Works

If you suspect that an accumulation of toxins are contributing to an imbalance of your hormones and it helps explain your stubborn fat, then detoxification should be taken into consideration. More specifically, liver detoxification. The liver is a complex organ with many functions, but importantly, it controls most of the chemical levels in the blood. It both filters and removes toxins.

The way the body cleanse works, specifically liver detox cleanse offered by Vitality Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, is a two-pronged approach. Phase 1 entails over 50 enzymes belonging to the cytochrome p450 system that convert hydrophobic chemicals & toxins into a more easily disposable water-soluble chemicals. With phase 2, the chemical transformation of non-water-soluble chemicals into water-soluble chemicals creates intermediary byproducts that are neutralized by the liver. In a process called conjugation, the liver binds a water-soluble molecule to the toxin, which allows it to be eliminated easily by the liver. After the enzymes process these chemicals and toxins, the toxins can now be dispelled from the body through the liver’s bile or urine.

Weight loss is by no means an easy and thoughtless effort and compounded by mystery ailments, and with our physiology sabotaging us can make losing weight a formidable task. Allow Vitality Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine for the best body cleanse to help you achieve your weight loss goals.