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Oct 10 2020

Why is Sleep Important For Weight Loss?

Adequate Sleep and Weight Loss Sleep; one of the last mysterious medical frontiers scientists strive to understand. There's a lot we do understand about sleeping — how it helps our brain clear away toxins and waste accumulated throughout the day, how it restores and maintains cognitive function, and how it allows for vital cellular repairs throughout the body — and then there are still other things that evade our full understanding; questions like, "why we dream" and "how come we evolved to sleep when it was entirely disadvantageous for our ancestors?" In...

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Aug 05 2020

The Best Body Cleanse and Detox Diets

The Best Body Cleanse for Weight Loss  If weight loss was as simple as “calories in versus calories out” then we’d be observing the wild success of fad diets as seen on tv and online; however, fad diet plans, extreme diets, and hours of exercise aren’t by any means a guarantee in helping you tackle stubborn fat. As we age, a crucial biological system of ours begins to work less effectively — our metabolism.Our metabolic system not only converts our food into energy for expenditure and breaks down food into essential...

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Feb 10 2020

Why You Should Consider Estrogen Therapy

Considering Estrogen Therapy? Here are several reasons you should: Our bodies are complex systems of biochemical processes that govern how we live, how we look, and how we feel. In our youth, hormones are triggered, released, or stifled as part of the many biochemical processes that play a critical role in our development from adolescence into adulthood. It should be noted that puberty isn’t the only instance within our lives where dramatic physiological changes happen; these dramatic changes occur throughout our lifetime as we continue to grow older. As our biological...

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