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Feb 14 2021

Does Menopause Affect Your Libido?

Menopause and Libido and the Effects on Sex Drive As we age, our bodies undergo many natural changes. For women, menopause is a time when hormone levels are altered, which results in various effects on our bodies. One consequence is a change in libido and sexual function. For many women, libido is decreased. Women may find they are not as easily aroused and not as sexually responsive as they once were. Fortunately, with bioidentical hormone therapy, these effects can be reversed, restoring or even improving your prior level of sexual function...

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Nov 04 2020

6 Substances that Affect Thyroid Balance

What substances affect thyroid balance? Meaning of Thyroid Balance As with everything in life, finding and maintaining balance is largely instrumental in achieving success, happiness, and health. Whether it's learning to moderate how much time you invest between work and social life, family and friends, fitness and rest, or any other dichotomy, striking a healthy balance between two ends of a spectrum prevents one from prioritizing and grossly neglecting one option over the other.  Just as life throws a series of balancing and juggling acts your way, our physiology also undergoes and experiences...

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Nov 11 2019

Can You Use Hormone Therapy to Lose Weight?

Beneficial Effects of Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss Calories in versus calories out. That’s how weight loss has always been framed amongst the medical and fitness community. By eating fewer calories juxtaposed with losing calories through exercise, fat and weight are supposed to drop. It seems like a no-brainer how that relationship between diet and exercise works for achieving weight loss. However, many people pursuing weight loss who’ve diligently followed the mantra “calories in, calories out” have found themselves at a plateau — at a point where all their efforts seem...

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