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Does Menopause Affect Your Libido?

Feb 14 2021

Does Menopause Affect Your Libido?

Menopause and Libido and the Effects on Sex Drive

As we age, our bodies undergo many natural changes. For women, menopause is a time when hormone levels are altered, which results in various effects on our bodies. One consequence is a change in libido and sexual function. For many women, libido is decreased. Women may find they are not as easily aroused and not as sexually responsive as they once were. Fortunately, with bioidentical hormone therapy, these effects can be reversed, restoring or even improving your prior level of sexual function and libido.

Hormone Changes In Menopause

During menopause, women’s levels of estrogen and testosterone fall. Many are often surprised that women also require the hormone testosterone. While typically thought of as a male hormone, women also need a smaller level of testosterone. Let’s explore the result of decreasing levels of these hormones in your body.


Lowered levels of estrogen lead to a drop in the blood supply to the pelvic region. This can result in decreased vaginal lubrication. Vaginal dryness may make sexual activity uncomfortable. The vaginal area tissues may also become thinner and more easily irritated, adding to discomfort during sex.

Hot flashes and night sweats often occur during the perimenopausal period. Altered and interrupted sleep leads to fatigue. When you are tired and not sleeping well, libido is decreased, and sex drive is set on the back burner.



Testosterone in women increases libido. As the testosterone levels fall in menopause, sex drive is lowered. Sexual satisfaction may also be decreased with lower levels.

Women with lowered testosterone levels may experience more fatigue, muscle weakness, and mood depression. The addition of these effects makes getting in the mood for sex a bit more complicated.

Home Therapies for Menopause

If you are experiencing mild symptoms, you can try some of the following strategies at home:

  • Lubricant – a high-quality vaginal lubricant can ease vaginal dryness and discomfort, making sexual activity less painful and more comfortable.
  • Exercise – physical activity is a natural mood booster and also improves testosterone levels.
  • Communication – effective communication with your partner regarding feelings and sensations is vital. Maintaining this connection with your partner improves intimacy in all areas of your relationship.
  • Maintain intimacy – consider ways beyond sexual intercourse to maintain intimacy with your partner. Kissing, caressing, cuddling are ways to feel close to your partner outside of sex.
  • Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises help tighten the pelvic muscles and improve sensations during sexual activity. To perform a Kegel, contract your pelvic floor muscles and hold the contraction for about five seconds. Release for five seconds before repeating. Gradually increase the number of repetitions with a goal of ten times, three times daily.

Treatment Options for Menopause

When symptoms are not responding to home treatments or becoming severe, it may be time to seek further care. Fortunately, these symptoms do not need to be tolerated. Treatment options are available to counteract the effects of declining hormones that can restore or even improve your libido. Supplementing hormone levels is possible with our bioidentical hormone therapy. The process begins with a consultation from Vitality Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine. Your hormone levels will be tested and evaluated, allowing us to customize treatment to your needs.


Customized treatment means that you’ll receive only the hormones you need in doses that are specific to you. Our specialist will work with you to determine the best method for the administration of your bioidentical hormone therapy. Administration methods include topical, injectable, and pellet therapy. Many women are amazed at the difference in how they feel once they begin treatment.

Making Menopause Your Best Years Yet

Menopause is a time of change in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t need to be negative. If you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms, decreased libido, and it is affecting your relationships, let us help you. Through customized treatment plans, you’ll feel vibrant and alive during all phases of your life.