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May 22 2020

How to Tell the Time is Right for Bioidentical Hormones

Are Bioidentical Hormones right for you? When should you start? The human body gradually slows as a result of the aging process. This slowdown is true for both men and women. The changes in one's hormones are not always obvious and more often than not overlooked. As many studies have been conducted, unbalanced hormones cause different symptoms in every human body and some last longer than others. However, you are not powerless in the battle against father time. Bioidentical hormones are available for both women and men, providing an affordable and...

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Nov 08 2019

Five Signs You Have a Sluggish Liver, and What You Can Do About It

Early Warning Signs of a Sluggish Liver The liver is responsible for detoxification in our body, protecting us from all the toxins we are exposed to, whether through ingestion or environmental. Improving its function and efficiency supports the digestive function. So how do we know if we need to support the liver? What are the signs your liver could be struggling or become sluggish? Here are 5 early signals your liver is not functioning at optimal levels: Fatigue Low energy levels are often a sign your liver has become stressed. In general, tiredness...

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Oct 08 2019

What is a Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut: What Is It and How Do You Heal It Perhaps you've heard of this newly emerging phenomenon if you follow health blogs or keep up with academic medical journals. However, in the off chance, this is your first time stumbling across this illness than more than likely, you're asking yourself, and presumably guessing from its namesake alone, what leaky gut syndrome is. As the name suggests, leaky gut is an issue that stems from digestive tract problems. Understandably, our digestive system is responsible for converting sustenance into energy as...

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