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Five Signs You Have a Sluggish Liver, and What You Can Do About It

Nov 08 2019

Five Signs You Have a Sluggish Liver, and What You Can Do About It

Early Warning Signs of a Sluggish Liver

The liver is responsible for detoxification in our body, protecting us from all the toxins we are exposed to, whether through ingestion or environmental. Improving its function and efficiency supports the digestive function. So how do we know if we need to support the liver? What are the signs your liver could be struggling or become sluggish? Here are 5 early signals your liver is not functioning at optimal levels:


Low energy levels are often a sign your liver has become stressed. In general, tiredness alone is not a single sign your liver is overtaxed, however excessive fatigue combined with any of these other signs may be a concern. The liver stores and supplies the body with glucose when it needs a burst of energy, and if stressed, it may be inefficient at regulating these stores.

Weight Gain/Poor Digestion

The organ’s job is to produce bile to aid digestion and metabolize fat into energy. Overburdened livers are unable to metabolize fat and become ineffective at digestion. Upset stomach, constipation, and heartburn are all signs of an unhealthy gut. If you’re feeling bloated or unable to shed weight despite a low-caloric intake or exercise, your liver may be in distress.

Nausea and Vomiting

Persistent feelings of sickness accompanied by vomiting may be your body’s diminished ability to process and eliminate toxins as intended. Indigestion and acid reflux can occur with liver damage and may also lead to vomiting.

Acne Breakouts/Irritated Skin

An itch or occasional breakout is not a cause for concern; however, continual itching or an overwhelming urge to scratch could be caused by liver damage. A sluggish liver hampers the process of eliminating toxins from your body, and skin irritation can develop. Excessive build-up of these toxins causes inflammation. If toxins cannot be eliminated through the liver, in many cases, they come out through your skin!

Hormonal Imbalance

In addition to filtering toxins, the liver is also responsible for regulating the balance of hormones. It transforms and removes any excess, such as adrenal hormones like cortisol, as well as thyroid hormones. If the liver is impaired or sluggish and does not function properly, you may experience sleep disturbance, depression, irregular periods, mood swings, or hot flashes.

The onset of a sluggish liver will show up in some of these early signs. Bloodwork from your doctor may not pick up on the abnormalities unless your liver has been under stress for a prolonged time. Liver damage could develop if a sluggish liver is in distress for an extended period. Lifestyle choices such as poor diet (high fat and sugars), alcohol intake, processed foods, and smoking all contribute to a sluggish liver. Luckily, it can regenerate and recover in order to mitigate any damage that can cause a sluggish liver. Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine provides a medically supervised detox and cleanse for patients throughout the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today to learn more about which options may be right for your health concerns. Your liver is arguably the hardest working organ in your body next to your heart, support its everyday function by recognizing some of the early signs of a sluggish liver.