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Dec 21 2022

What Are the Emotional Effects of Low T

How Does Low T Affect You Mentally? Testosterone is a hormone largely thought to fuel sexual desires. As such, most people often think of diminishing sexual desires and physiological complications, such as erectile dysfunction, as the primary effects of low T. However, the effects of testosterone hormone in the body go beyond stimulating sexual arousal. Testosterone affects many body organs, including the brain and the general state of mind.Low testosterone levels can cause serious mental health problems in men. Individuals with low testosterone often experience mood swings and fatigue. Below...

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Sep 19 2021

TRT Treatment

TRT Treatment and Frequently Asked Questions When most people think of testosterone replacement therapy, it's easy to envision unnaturally large muscles. However, that's not an accurate picture.  Testosterone replacement therapy usually helps men with low testosterone reverse conditions like chronic fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and concentration difficulties.If your doctor has diagnosed you with low testosterone, TRT treatment can offer some relief. Here is more about testosterone replacement therapy.  What Is TRT? Testosterone replacement therapy is also sometimes referred to as androgen replacement therapy. And it is primarily meant for treating low testosterone...

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