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Oct 12 2021

Is HCG Better Than Testosterone for Losing Weight?

Best Treatment Option for Losing Weight - Is HCG Better Than Testosterone? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 42% of U.S adults are obese. Unfortunately, most people struggle with other chronic conditions, including Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Excessive weight gain is a complicated issue stemming from medical and social causes, and achieving weight loss is a big challenge to most people. While exercising, dietary restrictions and surgery are popular weight-loss options; not all affected persons are successful.As such, researchers and health experts continually search...

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Aug 12 2021

What Does High Testosterone Do to a Man?

Signs of High Testosterone in Men Low testosterone levels are often a topic of discussion. We know that men who have a low testosterone level feel much better once testosterone is supplemented. But is there a risk of taking too much testosterone? And could high testosterone cause problems? Let’s discuss the risks of testosterone treatment and how to make sure you are getting the right amount. The Role of Testosterone Testosterone levels are essential for many different reasons. Testosterone levels can begin to decline as early as age 25-30 and will continue to...

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Jul 17 2021

Can You Stop Taking Testosterone?

The Effects of Stopping Testosterone Replacement Therapy When beginning testosterone replacement therapy, the question of how long you'll need to continue the treatment often comes up. The short answer is that once testosterone replacement therapy is started, it is a treatment that will need to be continued long term. If you stop treatment, testosterone levels will fall, and you'll begin to experience the symptoms you had before treatment. Let's explore in more detail the importance of continuing testosterone replacement therapy and the effects you may experience if you stop. Why Would You Need...

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