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7 Energy Boosting Tips For Thyroid Patients

Jun 17 2020

7 Energy Boosting Tips For Thyroid Patients

Instant Energy Boosting Suggestions For Thyroid Patients:

Life moves at an ever-quickening fast pace, and there’s no exception to that as we get older. With age, our day-to-day lives become overwhelming, packed with work, family and home responsibilities, and social obligations. Let alone, the weekends don’t necessarily mean a reprieve from all the pressure.
While these routines we live can be manageable, albeit exhausting, there are many people out there who especially struggle with maintaining the sheer energy to power through their days. Those people face extreme difficulty in staving off constant fatigue and exhaustion due to medical conditions concerning their thyroid gland. There are an estimated 20 million Americans who struggle to manage their thyroid diseases such as hyper and hypothyroidism. Commonly, patients with thyroid diseases experience characteristic fatigue,  slowed thinking and memory, and even depression.
Given the nature of our society, we are not often afforded the luxury to slow down or to take a breather amidst all the responsibilities that dominate our lives. Understandably, this busyness can create a lot of problems and struggles for patients with thyroid disease. Whether it maybe someone close to you or perhaps yourself, there’s no need to struggle with life and thyroid disease. There are many resources and things to take advantage of to help supplement and restore faltering energy levels.

Energy Boosts for Thyroid Patients

Gathered below is a helpful list of some recommended methods to improve your waning energy levels. Hopefully, by following these energy boosting tips, you’ll be able to take back control of your life and live it to the fullest.

  1. Firstly, reassess whether or not your medication doses are correct for you. At the initial time of prescription, your medication may have felt like a godsend in restoring your energy to normal. However, if you’re finding that your condition seems to be worsening, then it may be time to correct your dosage. Furthermore, while medications are meant to supplement thyroidal hormone production, they may be contributing to insomnia.
  2. Reevaluate the food you’re consuming — a busy lifestyle fueled by junk like foods and drinks saturated in sugars and fats may provide some quick relief. Still, the inevitable sugar crash will leave you feeling worse for wears. Healthy food alternatives can provide better fuel for your body, such as fruits and proteins, which go a long way in fueling the body versus processed foods.
  3. Water is key. Beverages packed with grams of sugars and empty calories can’t sustain natural energy levels. Drinking enough water daily is not only a healthy option that’ll help rejuvenate, but it also helps with oxygenation of your blood. Dehydration makes it more challenging for nutrients and oxygen to be circulated throughout the body.
  4. While this may feel like an impossible task amidst a hectic schedule, finding the time to squeeze in a power nap (20 to 30 minutes) will help ward off exhaustion. Additionally, a small cup of coffee or tea (healthier caffeine alternative) will work wonders in supplementing your energy levels. Though be aware not to overdo either the sleep or caffeine consumption as they may leave you feeling more tired.
  5. This may feel counterintuitive to resolving waning energy levels, but incorporating some physical activity into your life like cardio or weightlifting can help prevent your body from slowing down. Physical activity will help boost your heart rate, release more endorphins that naturally raise energy boosting levels, and improve your stamina.
  6. In conjunction with tip five, carve out whatever time you have to get outdoors. Natural light has some remarkable properties: it can help balance melatonin levels (sleep hormone) and reset your circadian rhythm.
  7. Last but not least, hormone therapy replacement can help restore disparities in thyroid hormone levels. This individualized treatment is highly effective at replacing essential hormones as naturally as possible. It is proven highly effective when administered correctly by a trusted professional such as the ones found at Vitality Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine.

Exhaustion is a common complaint for thyroid patients. It may feel like you are dragging yourself through the day, however, these quick energy boosting tips will help give you the stamina you need to power through. At Vitality Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine we can provide you with a full panel of bloodwork to determine chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or other possibilities such as vitamin deficiencies or adrenal fatigue. Contact us today and we can answer your questions and concerns.