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How to Choose a Hormone Specialist

Jan 11 2021

How to Choose a Hormone Specialist

Why Choose a Hormone Specialist Over a Health Care Provider

Have you wondered if a hormone imbalance could be making you feel unwell? Hormone imbalance can cause many unpleasant symptoms for both men and women. Have you felt fatigued, gained weight, experienced headaches, muscle or joint pain, lack of sex drive? These are just the tip of the iceberg for symptoms you might experience from a hormone imbalance. If you’ve decided to pursue hormone evaluation, you want to make sure that you receive the very best care. This guide will help you in selecting a specialist that can properly diagnose and treat hormone imbalance.


When seeking a hormone specialist, there are many things to take into consideration. Your ultimate goal is to find a provider that understands and meets your individual needs. This guide will help you understand what to look for and ask when choosing a hormone specialist.

More Than “Just” a Regular Health Care Provider

hormone-blood-panelIf you are considering treatment of hormone deficiencies, you’ll want to look for a provider that is well versed in the complexities of diagnosing and treating hormone issues. Many patients may think that their primary care provider or gynecologist is the best place to start. Unfortunately, these providers are often not well suited to evaluating and treating hormone problems. Traditional healthcare providers are not always trained in ordering and interpreting extensive hormone evaluation lab panels. They may look at one or two surface values and use commonly available synthetic prescription medications instead of personalized bio-identical hormone therapy. This treatment approach may not adequately address the underlying hormone issues, and can result in unpleasant side effects. Unfortunately for the patient, they are left with inadequate treatment that does not address their concerns and could cause more problems.

What to Ask

Ask potential hormone specialists the following questions when you are choosing a provider:

What are your qualifications?


  • Is your specialist board certified?
  • What degrees and certifications do they have?
  • Do they specialize in hormone therapy?
  • How long have they been practicing hormone replacement therapy?
  • How do you stay current on new practices in hormone therapy?
How will you determine if I need hormone therapy?

The plan for your hormone therapy should be individualized to you. Be wary of providers that do not spend time asking questions about your individual health concerns, history, diet, and lifestyle to consider a comprehensive health plan. Providers should describe what type of laboratory testing they will perform and how specific therapy and doses will be tailored to your situation. Hormone therapy should be individualized rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

What Type of Hormone Therapy Do You Use in Your Practice?

Steer clear of a provider who uses only synthetic hormone replacement. Providers should be able to discuss bio-identical hormone therapy and be well versed in all administration methods – topical, injectable, or pellet therapy. Your doctor should also tell you how they will evaluate your response to treatment and make any dose adjustments.

Look for Reviews About Hormone Therapy Specifically

Research possible providers and their practices online. Look at reviews from current and former patients. You can learn a lot by reading through reviews of potential providers.

Seek Comprehensive Care

The best providers will take a total person approach to your care. They’ll not only address hormone imbalances but be able to counsel you on lifestyle factors, dietary strategies, supplements, and more. Hormones are affected by many factors, and addressing each area will result in optimal outcomes.

The Right Provider for the Best Results

The decision to choose a hormone specialist should be carefully made after reviewing the above information. A hormone specialist that is well-credentialed and experienced in bio-identical hormone therapy can make all the difference in your health.


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