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Sep 19 2021

TRT Treatment

TRT Treatment and Frequently Asked Questions When most people think of testosterone replacement therapy, it's easy to envision unnaturally large muscles. However, that's not an accurate picture.  Testosterone replacement therapy usually helps men with low testosterone reverse conditions like chronic fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and concentration difficulties.If your doctor has diagnosed you with low testosterone, TRT treatment can offer some relief. Here is more about testosterone replacement therapy.  What Is TRT? Testosterone replacement therapy is also sometimes referred to as androgen replacement therapy. And it is primarily meant for treating low testosterone...

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Jan 11 2021

How to Choose a Hormone Specialist

Why Choose a Hormone Specialist Over a Health Care Provider Have you wondered if a hormone imbalance could be making you feel unwell? Hormone imbalance can cause many unpleasant symptoms for both men and women. Have you felt fatigued, gained weight, experienced headaches, muscle or joint pain, lack of sex drive? These are just the tip of the iceberg for symptoms you might experience from a hormone imbalance. If you’ve decided to pursue hormone evaluation, you want to make sure that you receive the very best care. This guide will help...

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Jul 09 2020

Common Myths of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dispelling Misconceptions of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy  The spread of misinformation is an ever-pervasive occurrence, more now than it's ever been before. Just as the Internet has connected our society in unimaginable ways since its conception, it's also facilitated the spreading of falsehoods, conjecture, personal anecdotes framed as truths, and unfounded sensationalized claims. At the tips of our fingers, we're able to access troves of knowledge; yet a sense of vigilance is required to navigate as to avoid stumbling into false information.The field of hormone therapy, specifically bioidentical hormone therapy, is plagued...

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