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Low T Therapy

Aug 19 2019

Low T Therapy

Low T Therapy is Not Just For Men

Testosterone for men and women

Testosterone is often thought of as a “male” hormone, but truthfully it is produced by both men and women. It is responsible for tissue and bone growth and your body’s ability to improve muscle strength. The slowing production of testosterone happens in both men and women.

What are the symptoms of Low T in Men?

Hypogonadism (lowered testosterone) in men begins to show symptoms of hair loss, not just on your head, but all over your body. You may be experiencing unusual fatigue or difficulty sleeping. Many men with low T also experience sleep apnea. Reduced sex drive is another common symptom of low testosterone levels. Hypogonadism is not always present in symptoms alone, a physical examination, along with blood work, is necessary to determine a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of Low T in Women?

Similarly to men, a lowered sex drive is a common sign of low T in women as well. Women can experience irregular periods or lack of -when testosterone levels are imbalanced. Both genders can experience a lack of motivation, depression, mood swings, memory issues, and difficulty sleeping when testosterone levels are low.

How Do Hormone Levels Change with Age in Both Men and Women?

Women’s testosterone levels peak earlier than men do and therefore begin to decline sooner. Men start to slow testosterone production after the age of 30, while women reduce production in their late 20’s. The most typical hormone change with women is menopause. Women may experience a decline in testosterone production as well as estrogen and progesterone through this change. Unlike menopause, where a woman’s ovaries stop the production of hormones, men’s reproductive organs simply slow their process. Under-activity in testosterone production can also be hereditary.

Treatment for Hypogonadism

If lifestyle change does not work for you (such as weight loss, dieting or avoiding pain medications), then testosterone replacement may be right for you. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can provide optimal hormone levels. Once a proper diagnosis has been made to determine the deficiency, there are several methods of delivery to consider. Topical creams, injections, and pellet therapy are options available for TRT.
Many report improvements in mood, energy, and sex drive rather quickly after starting TRT. Individualized effects may vary. Vitality Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine can diagnose hypogonadism and help restore your hormone levels back to a more youthful state. Contact us to discuss the benefits for Low T Therapy and determine which delivery method is right for you.