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Nov 11 2019

Can You Use Hormone Therapy to Lose Weight?

Beneficial Effects of Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss Calories in versus calories out. That’s how weight loss has always been framed amongst the medical and fitness community. By eating fewer calories juxtaposed with losing calories through exercise, fat and weight are supposed to drop. It seems like a no-brainer how that relationship between diet and exercise works for achieving weight loss. However, many people pursuing weight loss who’ve diligently followed the mantra “calories in, calories out” have found themselves at a plateau — at a point where all their efforts seem...

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Nov 08 2019

Five Signs You Have a Sluggish Liver, and What You Can Do About It

Early Warning Signs of a Sluggish Liver The liver is responsible for detoxification in our body, protecting us from all the toxins we are exposed to, whether through ingestion or environmental. Improving its function and efficiency supports the digestive function. So how do we know if we need to support the liver? What are the signs your liver could be struggling or become sluggish? Here are 5 early signals your liver is not functioning at optimal levels: Fatigue Low energy levels are often a sign your liver has become stressed. In general, tiredness...

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Aug 19 2019

Low T Therapy

Low T Therapy is Not Just For Men Testosterone for men and women Testosterone is often thought of as a "male" hormone, but truthfully it is produced by both men and women. It is responsible for tissue and bone growth and your body's ability to improve muscle strength. The slowing production of testosterone happens in both men and women. What are the symptoms of Low T in Men? Hypogonadism (lowered testosterone) in men begins to show symptoms of hair loss, not just on your head, but all over your body. You may be experiencing...

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